Instagram Support, Contact and Help Forms | Important links

Digital marketers on Instagram often need their support for many things. Not only digital marketers but also Instagram users often need their support for many things like reporting or taking help with login related issues. Here is a compilation of links to various forms of support on Instagram that we find very helpful.

Trademark Report FormView form
Intellectual Property Retraction FormView form
Reporting a Violation or Infringement of Your Rights on InstagramView report form
Counterfeit Report FormView report form
Defamation Reporting FormView form
Trademark Appeal Contact FormView appeal form
Managing Your DataView form
Report Harassment or Bullying on InstagramView report form
Copyright Report FormView report form
Report a Violation of your Privacy on InstagramView form
Request to Memorialize a Deceased Person’s Instagram AccountView request form
Instagram Account login issues, Hacked, Forgot password etcView form
Report an Underage User on InstagramView form
Report an Impersonation Account on InstagramView form
Request Support for Instagram BadgesView support form
Privacy Rights ReportsView form
Consumer PolicyView form
Report Violations of Our Community GuidelinesView form
Request a verified badge for your Instagram profileView request form
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