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The Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala since 2005

Established as a Digital Marketing Agency in 2005, we've consistently generated business for our clients. We take pride in letting you know that we are one of the most experienced digital marketing agency in Kerala. As we started our journey long back, when only a few were in the field of digital marketing, our knowledge, experience and professionalism are unbeatable.

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Who We are:
One of the best and most professional digital marketing agency in Ernakulam, Kerala

Brain Cyber Solutions, based in Ernakulam, Kerala is one of the best and most professional digital marketing agency in Kerala. We run the digital marketing business along with mentoring of the digital marketing teams of Companies and SEO training as well as digital marketing training. The success story is the backbone of our Company. We create business for you!

We understand your requirements along with your emotions. Yes! You are at the right place if you are looking for a digital marketing agency to help you achieve sales goals. We are just a message or call away for digitally marketing your business.

Our team is headed by Mr.Syam, who is the most experienced digital marketing professional in Kerala. He is an expert who has keen understanding and up to date knowledge about kith and keen on digital marketing. Read more about our CEO.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Professional Solutions For Your Customized Business Needs

Website Auditing Service

As a digital marketing agency in Kerala, Brain Cyber Solutions provides comprehensive website management, covering domain registration, hosting, backups, and technical support for your online business presence.

Social Media Marketing

Brain Cyber Solution provides professional social media marketing services for you. We do marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, and more. Our expert performance marketing professionals will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Search Engine Marketing

We have vast experience with Google Ads. We create optimized campaigns for your business on Google. Results and client satisfaction are our main priorities.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting organic clients through Google search is the dream of every website owner. We provide the best SEO services in Kerala. We create and deploy a long-term SEO strategy for you.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is essential for building brand awareness and engaging your audience. We provide professional content marketing services for your business.

Email Marketing

Sometimes your business needs to reach a large audience, and sometimes you may need to bring your old customers back by sending an offer email to them. There are several advantages to email marketing. We provide professional email marketing services for you.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a good strategy to reach more people in a short span of time. It is also an effective method to increase brand awareness and trust. We provide influencer marketing services tailored to the nature of your business.

Ecommerce Development

E-commerce is growing rapidly. We provide complete e-commerce solutions for your business, including online store setup and online marketing.

Website Management

Website management service in Kerala by Brain Cyber Solutions ranges from domain registration to the yearly maintenance of the website. It means, we are responsible for domain registration /renewal, hosting, backup and other technical related things.

Our Team

Professional Solutions For Your Customized Business Needs

Syam K S - CEO

Syam K S [ CEO ]

DM Mentor & Trainer
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Binusree R - COO

Binusree R [ COO ]

HR Operations
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Vineeth Menon - Freelance Brand Strategist

Vineet Menon

Brand strategist (Freelance)
Prasad Karthik - Trainer

Prasad Karthik

Content Strategist & SEO
Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Gayathri - Freelance Content Writer

Gayathri Subramanian

Freelance Content Writer (Fashion)
London, England, United Kingdom
Sukesh - Freelance Education Planner

Sukesh Kamath

Freelance Education Planner
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
Geethanjali C D - Freelance Content Writer

Geethanjali C D

Freelance Content Writer (General)
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Misha - Education Consultant

Misha M I

Education Consultant
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
Akhil - Freelance Designer


Freelance Designer
Alappuzha, Kerala, India
Rajagopal P R - Digital Marketing Trainer

Rajagopal P R

Digital Marketing Trainer
Ernakulam, Kerala, India
Ceya Mathew - Freelance Content writer

Ceya Mathew

Freelance Content writer (Legal)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our Digital Marketing Courses

Professional Solutions For Your Customized Business Needs

Professional Digital Marketing Maestro Course

This online Course duration is 2.5 Months.

Advanced Digital Marketing Maestro Course

This online Course duration is 5-6 Months.

Advanced SEO Course

This online Course duration is 2-3 Months.

Our Mentorship Services for Companies

Professional Solutions For Your Customized Business Needs

Digital Marketing Mentorship

Digital marketing mentorship by brain cyber solutions is the best effective method that suits your business. Our expert mentor supports and guides your existing team in a very effective manner so that each team player's time and effort is planned and distinguished to give out extraordinary productivity altogether.

Search Engine Optimization Mentorship

The SEO experts lead and assist your team in all SEO activities of the Company. Effective way to guide a SEO team is by this way of mentorship as the team will be equipped with all sorts of SEO weapons and set to go.


Explore more into Our Expertise and the World of Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Marketing of business is not an unfamiliar aspect. But digital marketing is a term that is being used widely these days but unfortunately most people do not know what it is.

Digital marketing is a method of selling or advertising products or services through internet, mobile, social media, search engines, online channels stc, which are collectively known as digital. In short it is the marketing of your products and services digitally.

Digital Marketing is a keystone of every business, whatever it be. Investing in digital marketing is always the best method as the traditional methods like hoarding advertisements, TV ads, print ads are extinct when the digital world has replaced all other sorts of engagement.

Outcomes of digital marketing The outcomes of digital marketing are highly beneficial to all businesses irrespective of the industry. Few outcomes are listed down:
  • Build brand name: your brand name will be built in such a way that your name will be so familiar to the customers and it will have a distinguished place.
  • Bring in potential customers: the whole world around you are your customers but bringing in or attracting potential customers will grow your business. We know the way to attract your potential customers.
  • Provide great customer experience: as said earlier, we treat our customer as king. Thus, it is no wonder that assured quality customer service is available to you, being our customer.
  • Improved conversion rates: once digital marketing is done, there will be a massive increase in your visitors. As the number of visitors increase there will be an increase in conversion to business rate also.
  • Stronger relationships and engagement: digital marketing helps in growth of business as a result of growth of customers. Hence stronger relationships and engagements are built.
By engaging in digital marketing, your businesses can expand their reach and drive great revenue in.
Digital marketing now and then Marketing is one of the most crucial features of any business. The customary marketing techniques were replaced by digital marketing when internet services came in use by the public drastically. According to recent studies, 60% of businesses use digital marketing and more of them plan to invest more into it. 87% of businesses use email marketing, 86% use brand awareness, and 90% use content marketing.
Scope of digital marketing The scope of digital marketing is vast and enormous as it connects with potential customers online effectively. It involves a wide range of strategies and tactics that promote the growth of the products and services.
What makes us the most professional digital marketing agency in Kerala?

Our experience makes us rank first among all other digital marketing agencies. We started our journey in 2005, when the term digital marketing was not so familiar to the World. The projects since then, were handled with so much efficiency and have delivered the best. Thus we are the most experienced and professional digital marketing agency from Kochi, Kerala.

There are people in and around, who have heard a lot about digital marketing but don't know what digital marketing is, its scope and outcomes. For those, who want to know more about digital marketing can quickly go through the topics listed below.

What works do you undertake as a digital marketing agency? As a professional digital marketing firm, we receive numerous digital marketing projects from both within and outside India. Among these projects, the majority are SEO-related, followed by Search engine marketing, and then Social media marketing. Additionally, we conduct website audits for clients who have not achieved the desired results, even after working with multiple other agencies.
Are your detail marketing services available only for companies in Kerala? Digital marketing is a field that can be carried out remotely, allowing our organization, based in Kochi, Kerala, to undertake digital marketing projects worldwide. It's worth noting that the majority of our work is for companies located outside India.
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