Job-oriented short courses for results awaiting students / failed students of Kerala

It is a common scenario that is seen today in Kerala that students focus more and more on job-oriented courses. All students are not good in academics but everyone needs a career. It is an accepted fact that one who excels in their career will be one who loves their profession. I would like to take you through different successful short courses that will help you build a profession. 

Let us look into them.

Job oriented short courses in Kerala

1. Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is the most promising career for the future as it is growing so fast. The demand of skilled digital marketing professionals is on the high side for now and it is not going to come down. A good course will impart from the basics of digital marketing to the advanced level of advertising digitally. 

The duration and cost depends on the agency that delivers the digital marketing course

2. Web Development:

Web development is another area which needs skill and has great career opportunities. Again the duration and cost depends on the academy that provides the course. They will teach you to construct a website with HTML, JavaSCRIPT, CSS etc

3. Graphic Design:

Graphic designing is a good option for those who have got artistic talent. It doesn’t mean that it is for only artists. Those who have talent would enjoy the blend of technology and art. The graphic designing course would include visual communication, designing, layout etc. The course can extend to more than 6 months according to the course content. Choosing the right institute is what matters. 

4. Video Editing:

Video editing is an ever-lasting field as professionals are in great demand in the film, ad industry and television. Thus as far as these industries exist the video editing field will last. The course will preach you as to how videos need to be edited, the softwares used according to the standards of the industry. All software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. The duration and cost depends on the institute that provides the training. 

5. Photography:

Another never ending door of opportunity is the World of photography. We know how photography has advanced in the near future. Photography has different branches like wildlife photography, portrait photography, landscape photography and so on. A course on photography will teach you the basics of photography, the camera usage, lighting techniques, the composition and covers all areas of it. Depend on the right institute for learning. Cost and duration may differ depending on the institute. 

6. Creative Writing:

Writing skills can be made a career if you are one among them. There are many with good writing skills but do not know how to communicate it effectively to the readers. In such cases, they can join creative writing courses where they train you to convey and structure the plot, character development and effective structuring of points. Any writing forms such as short stories, novels, poetry or screenplays can be developed. Duration and cost varies according to the institute. 

7. Journalism:

Journalism is a good choice for those who perform and who have good writing skills. A course on Journalism teaches you the basics of journalism, weapons you with the writing technique such as to write a feature or news and effective communication. Interviewing skills are also imparted is what I learnt from a research. Good certification helps you be placed easily and thus choose the institute wisely, depending on the cost and duration. 

8. Public Relations:

Public relations is a very good option for those who would like to socialize. The course on public relations teaches you from the basic and all etiquettes to be followed. Event planning, crisis management, media relations are dealt in this course, as per my understanding. But we don’t think it is a very short course for months. 

9. Tourism Management:

Tourism is another never ending industry of Kerala. Even though competitors are increasing day by day, the demand for professionals is always high. Tourism management is taught in such a way that you excel in marketing, hospitality, customer service, and administration. It is indeed a good profession and placement is also guaranteed by few institutes. This is another course that needs years and not months. 

10. Business Administration:

A business administration course can be a laying stone for any career you choose as it imparts broad topics that will cover management, finance, accounting and marketing. This course again needs one or two years and cannot be done within a few months. Choosing the right institute can help you get placed easily. 

The above are a few hand picked short term courses for results awaiting or students who have lost a subject in public exams. The mentioned ones are a few courses that can help you get jobs easily and professions that are on demand now. Your interest in the profession matters rather than anything. A love for the profession brings dedication for it and makes you successful; else it will enhance your stress.

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Syam K.S. is a digital marketing professional and trainer in Kerala. With over 18 years of experience, he is an SEO expert in Kerala. Syam serves as the lead trainer for our Digital Marketing course and online SEO course.

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