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Hello, I'm Syam K S, the founder and CEO of Brain Cyber Solutions. I am one of the most experienced SEO professionals in Kochi, Kerala. If you are reading this, I expect you are running a business and planning to increase its online sales or enquiries. Or may be planning to increase your brand value or learn something new.

Yes, you are in the correct direction. Search Engine Optimization is the perfect way to achieve those goals.As an SEO expert in Kerala who started my career in 2005, I hope I can break the ice for you. Let me tell you about my SEO experience in detail.

SEO Expert in Kerala
My SEO journey

Becoming an SEO Expert :
My Journey and

2000 : My College Project

I created my first website in 2000 as my college project. Since then my passion towards websites started. The website was created using ASP programming language, and I still remember it as a portal with features like chat and email capabilities.

2001 : Bangalore Days

From 2001, I was in Bangalore as a SAP ABAP Technical consultant. But my passion towards websites never dropped and I started making websites in my free time. I was researching how to get those websites to the top of Google because back then there weren't as many resources to learn that time.

2005 : My first website

In 2005, I started my own blog in the technology niche and started my SEO journey. The website was a bigger success than I thought, and more than 10,000 people visit it daily from Google searches.

2006 : Earnings from website

In the beginning, I didn't know how to monetize my website's traffic, and there weren't as many resources for earning options as there are today. Later, I got a Google AdSense account and started using it on my website.

2007 : Bye Bye Bangalore

The results from that were very promising, and after a while, my income from my website was more than my salary per month. So I left Bangalore and came back to Kochi, Kerala.

2007 : Brain Cyber Solutions

In the middle of 2007, I founded Brain Cyber Solutions in Ernakulam with a team of 5 staff. Initially, we offered services like website development, designing, web hosting, SEO consultancy service, Digital Marketing consultancy etc.

2009 : Clients from US & UK

In 2009, I formed a strategic alliance with two overseas software companies. Through them, I started receiving numerous SEO projects from the US and European countries, including the UK. By consistently delivering excellent results, I quickly gained a reputation as an SEO expert among them.

2014 : Online Distributed company

By 2014, Brain Cyber Solutions had transformed into a fully remote company, staffed entirely by experienced freelancers in remote work. We involved over 60 freelancers with diverse expertise, including content writers, designers, social media marketers, search engine marketers, SEO specialists, website developers etc.

2023 : SEO / Digital Marketing Course

From 2021, I trained in digital marketing at Infopark and Smart City. Now, I'm recognized as both an SEO expert and an effective digital marketing trainer. My primary goal is to cultivate high-quality SEO professionals in Kerala by sharing my experience and knowledge.
Victorious Projects
Satisfied Customers
Positive Results
Years of Expertise
My SEO Methodology

My approach towards SEO work as an SEO Expert in Kerala

Now I am one of the most experienced SEO experts in the world with more than 18 years of experience. I have traveled through each and every change of Google & their ranking algorithm.

I like to undertake challenging tasks and many of the works that come to me are works that other SEO professionals have tried and failed to do.

I am a Btech computer science graduate with strong programming skills. It helped a lot in my SEO career. We need to know bit technical things for wordpress, server management, programmatic SEO, page speed optimization. My knowledge in PHP, HTML/CSS etc also helped me a lot to be an SEO expert in Kerala.

As per my knowledge, there is no single formula to do SEO in websites. Way of doing SEO will vary based on the niche, geography, nature of business like factors.

So first I will study the client’s business and their customer behavior properly.

Along with this, proper competitor analysis is also required. Based on all these studies, I prepare a long term strategy for the website.

You must have heard that “Content is the king”. Yes it's true. Without high quality content which satisfies the user intent we cannot do anything.

Best SEO Expert in Kerala
Different SEO Works

Varieties of SEO Projects
I've Tackled as an
SEO Expert

Website Auditing

I have performed auditing services for over 200 websites, and my method involves manual scrutiny of everything rather than completely depending on online tools.

Technical SEO

For ranking in search engines, many things have to be done technically on the website, for example, the speed of the website, the loading on mobile, SSL certificate, the structure of the website, etc.

Programmatic SEO

Often large websites have to dynamically create pages etc. in order to rank for a large number of keywords.Programmatic SEO is an area I am very passionate about as a developer.

Local SEO

Every business needs to increase the visibility of their business in their service area. Local SEO is where we increase this visibility by adding to Google Business Listings, optimizing it, adding to various other local directories, and many other methods.

Content Research

Good content is essential for websites to rank in search engines. Content research involves activities such as identifying the topic, understanding the intent, determining content length, and deciding on the writing style etc.

E-commerce SEO

This Commerce SEO comes with everything that online stores need to get good visibility and traffic in search engines and thus increase their sales & business. WooCommerce & shopify are the most popular SEO friendly e-commerce platforms.

Wordpress Customization

Wordpress is the most used platform to buld websites. WordPress is the most used platform to build websites. In some scenarios we need to do some customization in WordPress platform for our SEO purpose. As a developer as well as an SEO expert, I have managed several website's WordPress customization.

Page Speed Optimization

A website's page speed is one of the most important factors in search engine ranking. There are many free page speed test tools to evaluate our website's speed performance. We need to take care of many things to improve our website's speed. As an SEO expert, it is one of my strong areas.

Recovering the Websites

Many websites get compromised without any maintenance or proper security updates. Some other websites lose their search traffic due to a drop in their SERP due to several factors. I have undertaken several projects to recover these types of websites and bring them back to their good performance levels.
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SEO expert

Important tools I used as an SEO expert I use several tools while doing SEO work. Here are some of the important tools for your reference.
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Page Speed Test
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner tool
  • Google Schema Validator
  • Google Disavow tool
  • Microsoft Clarity
  • Semrush: competitor analysis
  • Ahref: Backlink Checker
  • Ahref: Broken link checker
  • Moz Authority Checker
  • Copyscape plagiarism checker
  • Webfx Keyword Density Checker
Why Your Business Needs an SEO Expert in Kerala? If you are a business owner in Kerala, you will get the following advantages from hiring an expert in SEO from Kerala:
  • Local awareness : Because they are from Kerala itself, they will have a clear picture of the Kerala market and the local search behavior.
  • Uptodate : They will be more up-to-date about the latest trends and your business niche than experts from other places.
  • Speedy Support: Communication and support will be more effective. Comparatively, SEO experts from Kerala are highly professional and competitive in their pricing.
Am I the best SEO expert in Kerala? I like to hear it as one of the best SEO experts. There are several good SEO professionals in Kerala. My belief is that to become an expert, experience is not a must. Expertization with experience is a winning combination. That's the main reason behind my success. So I can never say that I am the best among them. Instead, I like to say that I am one of them.
How to become an SEO expert?

The primary skill required to become a search engine optimization expert is the ability to search the internet. Because every time we search the internet to learn something, we learn not only that thing but also many new things related to it.

It is a very dynamically changing field. Therefore, staying up-to-date is very important to succeed in this field.

Another thing to say to the professionals is that without looking for crooked ways to rank our websites, we should understand our customers' businesses and the user’s search intent and take time to create a website of good quality.

How AI is going to impact Search Engine Optimization field & professionals in coming years?

Artificial intelligence has begun to influence not only SEO but also every sector in the world. From 2024 on, AI will be used more and more in a very strong way.

AI is going to help SEO professionals in their content analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, website auditing, etc. It will also help search engine users find the best results in a short time.

So I think the scope of SEO will increase, and the demand for experts will rise in the future.

Suggest Some plugins for Wordpress SEO

There are several Wordpress plugins available for each and every functionality. What I also suggest is to avoid as many plugins as possible for better WordPress website performance. Try to use one SEO plugin and one cache plugin to improve your search engine visibility.

Best SEO Expert in Kerala

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