Types of Keyword intent with example

Keyword intent is the intent of a user searching with that keyword. It is also called user intent. Keyword intent is very important in SEO. Google is always trying to update their algorithm to find & provide the best result for a searcher. Google is trying to identify the user intent and provide the best matching results based on his intent.

Types of Keyword intent with example

So the web page contents should be properly aligned to satisfy the keyword intent. We need to understand about different types of keyword intents. Let us look into that now.

Types of Keyword intent (User intent)

There are mainly 5 types of user intent.

  • Informational intent
  • Navigational intent
  • Commercial intent
  • Transaction intent
  • Local search intent

1) Informational intent keyword

This type of searching is for getting some information about something.

Examples for Informational keywords

  • What is air pollution
  • Full form of SEO
  • Population of India

2) Navigational Intent keyword

In this type of search, users want to go to a specific website. They need the results from that website only. This type of searches are mainly with brand mentions.

Examples for navigational keywords

  • Air pollution wikipedia.org
  • Cricket score cricbuzz
  • Syam K S linkedin.com

3) Commercial Intent keyword

Commercial intent searches are for planning about a future purchase (transaction). They have not decided about the final product. They are still searching for the appropriate product.

Examples for commercial keywords

  • Best mobile phones in India
  • Mobile phones under 20000 rupees
  • Samsung vs Oppo mobile phones

4) Transactional Intent keyword

Transactional Intent searches are for buying or doing a transaction. This type of searches are happening after a series of commercial intent searches and fixing a product.

Examples for transactional Keywords

  • samsung s22 ultra online buy
  • samsung s22 ultra online discount
  • where to buy samsung s22 ultra

5) Local Search Intent keyword

Local search intent is for getting results based on location. In most of the cases results will load based on his current location.

Examples for local search keywords

  • petrol pump near me
  • Digital Marketing Training near me

Our web page contents and structure should be properly aligned to meet the user intent. For example a transaction intent based web page should focus on providing good purchasing experience for the user. So product images, price, add-to-cart button like things should be prioritized on that page. But for an informational intent based page should focus on good contents (text / image contents). An SEO professional should consider this user intent based strategies along with other SEO factors.

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