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The world of SEO is constantly emerging and evolving. Hence learning SEO is not an easy job. Here at Brain Cyber Solutions, we make it easy for you as the real time true experienced leaders of the industry come to teach you.

You learn SEO from the comfort of your home. The geographical barriers are set aside as you are made to learn by working on thelive projects. Thus you are really working and gaining experience by facing the challenges that are being assisted by the experienced tutors.

Any one can join our Advanced SEO Maestro course because we start from the basics to the advanced level. Quality learning and teaching is our motto rather than giving you a certificate.

You are our responsibility once you join. That's the reason why assistance is given even after the course.

Tailoring such a SEO course in Kerala is not an easy task but even though framing perfect SEO professionals is our dream as SEO professionals are in great demand in the job market.

SEO Course in Kerala
What makes us unique

Discovering extraordinary uniqueness that shines bright

Professional online learning sessions

Our expert trainers take training that is 100% live online classes. Our classes are very interactive and thus you can ask questions anytime.You attend your classes from the comfort of your home or from any comfortable place at a very convenient time.

Interactive learning with live projects and assignments

Ours is a practical training course and we don’t believe in spoon fed theories. As our trainers are industry experts, they will share their experiences and sample works to teach you and let you work on them. You will have to work on several live projects as part of our course. This will increase your confidence level and understanding.

18+ years experienced trainer heads the training

Mr. Syam K S is our lead trainer. He has over 18 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO. He is recognized as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable SEO professionals in the world.

Learn from a team of industry experts, not just one

You will be trained by a group of industry experts instead of a solo trainer. You will benefit more from a bunch of industry experts rather than being trained by a sole trainer. The best part is that each of them are successful in each area of SEO and you gain in depth knowledge altogether.

Internship, with support and guidance

You will have to work on several SEO projects with the course. For those who are interested, we are providing SEO internships with real projects. You will experience the real time challenges while doing the on-going projects. As you get support from the panel of experts, you will learn and overcome the hurdles.

Continued doubt clearance & placement support

We will provide support to help you secure a job until you get placed, ensuring 100% placement assistance. In addition, even after you secure a job, we offer a 6 months of doubt-clearance support.

SEO Training Team

Syam K S - Leading SEO Trainer
Syam K S Lead Trainer 18+ Years Experince
Prasad Karthik - SEO Trainer
Prasad Karthik Content Strategist & SEO 10+ Years of Experince
Priyanka Radhakrishnan
Priyanka Radhakrishnan Account Strategist 5+ Years of Experince

Advanced SEO Maestro Course Syllabus

Introduction, Marketing Psychology & search

Marketing Psychology
About Google & Algorithms
Advanced search techniques
Chrome location change
Google Trends Tool

Website Creation Domain registration
Hosting setup
Wordpress Wordpress installation
Wordpress Themes
Wordpress Plugins
Wordpress Customization
Wordpress woocommerce

Mobile Friendly Test
Google Page Speed Test
Keyword Research
Content Optimization
Image Optimization
Meta tags
Schema Markup
Complete On-page Optimization
Onsite SEO
Offsite SEO
Google Search Console
Google Business Listing
Competitor Analysis
SEO Tools [Ahref, SEMrush etc]
Website Auditing
Microsoft Clarity

Youtube SEO

Channel Creation
Thumbnail Creation
Video creation
Video Upload
SEO methods
Advertising methods

AI Tools AI chatbots
AI Content writing
AI Image Generation
AI Content detection
E-commerce SEO Shopify
Google Analytics 4

Introduction to Google Analytics 4
Google Analytics 4 Account Set Up
Data Collection And Modelling
Data Display
GA4 Dashboard
Reports in GA4
Customizing Reports
Google Analytics 4 Event Tracking
Google Analytics 4 Conversions
Google Analytics 4 Specialized Tracking
Google Analytics 4 Ecommerce
Google Analytics 4 Explorations
Google Analytics 4 Advanced
Case Studies and Practical Applications

Google Tag Manager

Who we are

One of the best and most professional SEO agency in Kerala

Brain Cyber Solutions, based in Kochi, Kerala is one of the best and most professional digital marketing agency in Kerala. We run the digital marketing business along with mentoring of the digital marketing teams of Companies and SEO training as well as digital marketing training. The success story is the backbone of our Company. We create business for you!

We understand your requirements along with your emotions. Yes! You are at the right place if you are looking for a digital marketing agency to help you achieve sales goals. We are just a message or call away for digitally marketing your business.

Our team is headed by Mr.Syam, who is the most experienced SEO expert in Kerala. He is an expert who has keen understanding and up to date knowledge about kith and keen on digital marketing. Read more about Syam K S.

Best SEO Course in Kerala
Victorious Projects
Satisfied Customers
Positive Results
Years of Expertise
Why brain cyber solution?

Unlock, Elevate, and Embrace Your SEO Excellence

Be Up-To-Date

Digital marketing is on constant evolution, hence constant update is mandatory in this field. We need to continuously update ourselves to stay ahead and be competitive in the job market. We help you stay up-to-date and learn all strategies and skills.

Acquire fresh expertise

Our training makes you a skilled professional and helps you to attain new skills. The career can be taken to the next level by acquiring new skills and knowledge from our digital marketing training course.

Enhance your employability

Your job value will be on the rise drastically, once you complete the training with our agency. You will be considered as a hot selling cake once you are finished with our digital marketing course.

Accelerate your career

The growth of your career will be at higher speed than you think after successfully completing the digital marketing course by our agency.

Vast career possibilities

Our digital marketing training completion can open a wide window of career opportunities before you. It will be employers who will find you and not you finding a job.

Elevated salary offerings

Higher salaries can be attained by pursuing a digital marketing career, that too when completed training from us. A skilled digital marketer will be highly paid in the job market.
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World of SEO

How are the SEO training sessions delivered?

Our SEO Classes are conducted online through live webinars. And don't worry if you miss any - they are recorded for future reference.

Do you provide practical training?

Definitely. Real-world application is key. You'll work on live projects and case studies to solidify your learning.

Will I get assistance in job placements?

Absolutely. We have tie-ups with top digital marketing agencies, and our dedicated placement team will assist you.

Do I need programming skills to take an SEO course?
  • You don't need programming for SEO.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML is helpful but not mandatory.
  • Main SEO tasks include keyword research, content optimization, and link-building. No programming there.
  • Some technical SEO might require tweaking website elements. Knowing a bit of HTML helps.
  • SEO tools like Google Analytics or SEMrush don't need programming.
  • In big companies, SEO teams and web developers work together.
  • If you don't know programming, you can still do SEO.
  • Some SEOs learn technical bits while working.
So, no worries! You can start SEO without any programming knowledge.
What is the future scope of SEO?
  • Google changes its rules often, so SEO must adapt.
  • Voice searches, like with Alexa, are growing. SEO needs to cater to that.
  • Everyone's on their phones. Websites must be mobile-ready.
  • AI affects search results. SEO strategies should consider this.
  • Small businesses want to be found locally. That's where local SEO helps.
  • Always provide helpful and relevant content.
  • Fast and smooth websites win. Focus on technical aspects.
  • Always follow genuine SEO practices.
Simply put, the way we search keeps evolving, and so does the way we optimize for those searches.
How AI will affect my SEO career
  • AI changes how search works.
  • AI can suggest or write content.
  • AI helps understand users.
  • People use voice search more.
  • AI can do regular SEO tasks.
  • AI checks data fast.
  • Searches are becoming personal.
  • We need to keep learning about AI.
AI isn't taking over SEO jobs, but it's changing how we do them. Knowing AI can give you an SEO edge.
What are the job roles in SEO?
SEO Job RoleExperience Reqired
SEO Specialist1-2 years
SEO Analyst2-3 years
SEO Manager3-5 years
SEO Director5+ years
Can Freshers Get Work-from-Home Jobs After SEO Course in Kerala?

After an SEO course, freshers have valuable skills. SEO is in demand everywhere, including Kerala. Many companies now prefer online work, especially after the pandemic. Remote jobs save time and reduce office costs. So, with good SEO training, freshers can indeed land work-from-home jobs in Kerala.

Why Are We the Best Online SEO Course Provider in Kerala?

Our instructors possess a wealth of expertise. More than just educators, they're digital marketing veterans with hands-on experience in the field. This unique proficiency distinguishes us. Though Kerala has various courses, our team's in-depth knowledge stands out.

Under the guidance of these seasoned professionals, we promise top-notch education, unmatched in Kerala.

Do you provide live or recorded classes for the SEO course?

We mostly offer live classes for our SEO course to ensure that you can interact with the teacher in real time and get your doubts cleared immediately. But we also understand that you might need to go over the lectures again, so we'll also make recorded videos of the live sessions available to you for a limited time. This mix of live and recorded content gives you a complete SEO learning experience.

Top SEO Course in Kerala

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