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Brain Cyber Solutions was started by Mr. Syam hailing from Kerala in the year 2002. It is our pride to say that we are now one among the best Companies that have proven results.

The working pattern we had from the beginning was different. The workforce behind the success story, are those professionals who were working from home or freelancers. The real talent may not be found in MNCs only.

Our founder, Mr. Syam, never believed in the traditional office atmosphere. In early days when the internet, mobiles, telephones, etc were all a dream it was very essential that all employees need to gather in one place. It is proved in this Covid era, that it is very effective, to work from any corner of the World for another corner, due to the development in communication. It was his foresight to adapt this method far before. Through this method, it was a great advantage that we could make use of different level experienced and vibrant people, who had to break their career due to different reasons, personal or physical. It is our pleasure that our workforce has the real assets, who are not able to move around due to physical disability, and also who cannot go for work due to some personal reasons; that too from all around the World. It was a real advantage to run such a company, with such a strong and dedicated work force. But the real gainers were our customers as our Company needn’t enforce the running cost of Company on the customers. We were able to understand the requirements of the customers and provide the best solution for them which will be perfectly result oriented. A permanent salaried team of a Company draws in a heavy budget to the clients while compared to our working model. The choice of work force and allocation of work by understanding the requirements of the client always gives them the best result that too in a budget friendly package.


Our founder after completing his B.Tech graduation had moved from Kerala to the job hub of those days, Bangalore in search of job. His passion for creating websites was on from those days of project of his last year graduation. While hunting for a job, he created few websites. It was those days, when SEO was not so common among people, and also no resources were available over internet on these, nor were SEO Companies in existence. Thus he was no unaware of the fact as to how to bring up his websites to the top page in Google search. There comes the turning point! As a result of his search, he got a master from US who had knowledge on this. Thus he started learning this as guided by the person from US, and was able to make his website top in the search. The second thought he had was how to make revenue from these websites. While searching on this he understood the posting of advertisement in his websites and thus he did it. That was a new opening which made him understand the potential of Adsense. Since learning the potential he started investing majority of his time to this by creating new websites, doing optimization as per Google guidelines and a thorough study of it. At the same time he kept on posting advertisements in these websites and thus his revenue was increasing steadily.  This was turning his career from an employee to self-employment. His websites had a huge traffic that was building his confidence in this area. At that point of time, a US Company came up with an enquiry of optimizing their website. That turned out to be his milestone, the first SEO client. Recognizing the enormous future of SEO, he moved from Bangalore to his native. With mouth publicity only, he started getting SEO works and he was completely in to. He thus started Brain Cyber Solutions to bring in the SEO works under it.

Initially there were work requests only for SEO but later enquires for web designing, online applications, etc flushed in. Programming was included in his basic interest; he started undertaking those works as well and also employed a handful of web designers, with different experiences. Thus the whole package of work like web designing, hosting, development etc was delivered. As the number of work increased, the number of freelancers/part-time employees, also increased, and adding to the work force of Brain Cyber solutions.

Since Mr. Syam was very much updated on the Google guidelines and adhere to its algorithm on a daily basis, increased the result of his work delivered, which resulted in the number of clients too. To the advantage of Brain Cyber Solutions, it never had to employ a marketing section or employees, nor give big brand advertisements. Almost every work was through reference and mouth publicity only. The keen knowledge on SEO has drawn success stories only even for those clients who have come to us without achieving desired results after approaching many other SEO companies. We have seen our clients relax after talking to us about their requirements as they reach us tired after trying and working with many other companies and never getting the anticipated results. Customer satisfaction is the prime factor we always look forward for.

We have always seen that our clients turn up to our friends within no time as we always maintain such a relationship with them.  As Syam and his spouse are fun-loving and friendly, the clients who come in end up being knitted with us as friends. This long lasting relationship is the ever best asset of Brain Cyber Solutions. It is the policy of the Company that they want their clients to benefit from the solutions provided by the Company, rather than uplifting or promoting their business. The satisfaction of work comes only when the client is being helped.              

It is our pride that we serve more than 100 clients now. Thus our friendship has reached all places like US, UK, Gulf Countries, Israel, and all parts of India. Be it any solutions on web development, designing, SEO, application development, digital marketing, data recovery, E-commerce, WordPress, we have the solution for you!

 To know even more, please do not hesitate to ping us on WhatsApp, or Email. We shall reach back within no time.

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