Google Support and Help Forms: Important Links for Reporting and Recovery in Google

All of us are heavily dependent on each and every product of Google, both as part of our digital marketing profession and for personal purposes. Often we need to report many things to Google and take their support for many things. This article is a collection of contact / support forms provided by Google for such matters.

Report spammy, deceptive, or low quality webpageReport Form
Disavow links to your siteRequest Form
Personal data removal request formRequest Form
How to recover your Google Account or GmailSupport Form
To report abuse and policy violations on GmailReport Form
Google Account recovery & suspected compromised accountsSupport Form
Avoid and report Google scamsReport Form
Delete your activityRequest Form
Report data or content errors on Google MapsReport Form
reporting a Google Sites pageReport Form
to report local listings (including business listings), reviews, posts or photosReport Form
Advertiser Verification Form for agenciesSupport Form
Report an ad or shopping listingReport Form
Request implementation support for Google Ads and YouTube ReserveRequest Form
Google ads customer supportSupport Form
Vehicle ads troubleshooting formSupport Form
Adsense : Report a policy violationReport Form
Adsense : Invalid clicks contact formReport Form
Local Business : Report Misconduct or AbuseReport Form
Report suspected abuse on Google Cloud PlatformReport Form
Report Child Endangerment on Google ProductsReport Form
If your child sees an inappropriate adRequest Form
Remove content about meSupport Form
Report Nudity/Graphic Sexual Content or Unlawful ImpersonationReport Form
Report content that you think is unlawful under applicable local laws, select “Create a Request”.Report Form
If your content was removed pursuant to a DMCA complaint, you may file a counter-noticeRequest Form
If your content was removed pursuant to a local copyright law complaint, you may dispute the notificationRequest Form
If your Google account was restricted under our repeat infringer policy due to multiple legitimate copyright complaints, you may file an appealRequest Form
Request a refresh of outdated content in Google SearchRequest Form
Apply to be a source in YouTube health featuresApply Form
Business Profile third party complaint: Report a violationApply Form
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