Strategies for On-page content SEO | Page content optimization

Creating SEO optimized content is the most important task in search engine optimization for a website.  We need to write SEO friendly content and then need to apply some on-page content optimization strategies to get organic traffic from search engines like Google.  Here are my quick tips on the strategies for on-page content SEO.  

Content Optimization Strategies in SEO

Before starting to write content, we need to do a keyword research on the topic. Based on the keyword research for that page content, we can plan the important keywords that content should focus. Research and reading helps you reach the right destination and right article. Google keyword planner, Google trends and Google search suggestions are the recommended tools to do keyword research for content SEO. We need to figure out some long-tail keywords (lengthy search terms that can rank easily) that can include our page content. Identifying such long-tail keywords help us achieve the desired result easily in no time.

Optimized content preparation steps

  1. Find the topic
  2. Do a keyword research
  3. Write the unique quality content based on the keywords. (Don’t copy other’s content) No plagiarism.
  4. Veracious formatting of the content
  5. Publish

Content SEO Checklist

  1. Main heading should contain main keywords.
  2. Main heading should be a meaningful sentence. Don’t use keyword spamming.
  3. Use html H1 tag for main display heading of the page.   
  4. First paragraph content is really important.  Thus it should include those keywords that need to be highlighted.
  5. Sub-heading with supporting keywords. We can use H2 or H3 tags to display sub headings.
  6. Include optimized images in content.
  7. Include internal links to other relevant pages.
  8. Include lists format content in the page for better SEO. [Google loves content in list format].
  9. Display important keywords and long-tail keywords need to be in bold format. This will let the search engines understand that those keywords are the most important for that page.
  10. Content length depends on your topic and competitor’s content length. But make sure to create quality content than your competitor’s as the ranking tend to change on quality of content. It should not be a thin page because the content length also adds to the weightage.

 Keeping in mind, the above 10 on-page content SEO strategies along with a proper keyword research, you can create high quality SEO optimized content and can achieve a successful digital marketing for your website.   Along with proper content SEO we need to do other on- page SEO activities.

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Syam K.S. is a digital marketing professional and trainer in Kerala. With over 18 years of experience, he is one of the leading SEO experts in Kerala. Syam serves as the lead trainer for our Digital Marketing course and online SEO course.

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