How to handle critical errors in WordPress

As part of our SEO profession, we need to work with WordPress-based websites regularly. In some situations, we may encounter a critical error message while accessing the site. At that time, the site cannot be accessed due to that error. Here are some tips to handle WordPress critical errors.

First, you need to activate WordPress debug mode to get the full error message. By default, debug mode will be off. This error message will show which file is causing the issue. Based on that error, we need to find the solution.

Plugin or Theme ConflictDeactivate all plugins and switch to a default theme.
Reactivate plugins one by one to identify the culprit.
Update or re-install the conflicting plugin/theme.
Corrupted WordPress Core FilesReinstall WordPress core files without affecting your content.
Restore your website from a backup.
Memory Limit ExceededIncrease the PHP memory limit in your wp-config.php file.
Optimize your website for better performance.
Contact your hosting provider for assistance.
Database Connection ErrorCheck your database credentials for typos or incorrect values in wp-config.php .
Repair your database using a plugin like “WP-DBManager“.
Contact your hosting provider for database support.
Permissions IssuesCheck file and folder permissions and set them to their correct values.
Use a plugin like “File Manager” to manage permissions.
White Screen of Death (WSoD)Enable WordPress debug mode to see the error message.
Check your error logs for more information.
Use the information to troubleshoot the specific error.
Malware InfectionScan your website for malware using a security plugin like “Sucuri“.
Remove any infected files and clean your database.
Restore your website from a clean backup.
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