List of terms in Digital Marketing with full forms

Here, I have compiled a set of short terms and their corresponding full forms commonly used in Digital Marketing / SEO. Save it for your reference. It will be helpful for your digital marketing training.

TermFull FormRole
ABMAccount-Based MarketingTargeting
APIApplication Programming InterfaceIntegration
API CallApplication Programming Interface CallCommunication
API IntegrationApplication Programming Interface IntegrationConnectivity
B2BBusiness to BusinessTransactions
B2CBusiness to ConsumerTransactions
BANTBudget, Authority, Need, TimelineQualification
BERTBidirectional Encoder Representations from TransformersUnderstanding
CDNContent Delivery NetworkDistribution
CLVCustomer Lifetime ValueRevenue Generation
CMSCampaign Management SystemOrganization
CMSContent Management SystemWebsite
COACost of AcquisitionExpenses
CTRClick-Through RateEngagement
CPMClicks Per MilleImpressions
CPCCost Per ClickAdvertising
CROConversion Rate OptimizationImprovement
CRMCustomer Relationship ManagementRelationships
CRConversion RatePercentage
CTACall to ActionEncouragement
CTRClick-Through RateEngagement
DADomain AuthorityWebsite
DMPData Management PlatformData Utilization
DNSDomain Name SystemResolution
DSPDemand-Side PlatformAdvertising
EATExpertise, Authoritativeness, TrustworthinessCredibility
E-commerceElectronic CommerceOnline Selling
ESPEmail Service ProviderEmail Delivery
FAQFrequently Asked QuestionsInformation
FOMOFear of Missing OutUrgency
GDPRGeneral Data Protection RegulationCompliance
GEO TargetingGeographic TargetingLocation
GEOIPGeographic Internet ProtocolLocation
GDNGoogle Display NetworkAdvertising
HTMLHypertext Markup LanguageStructure
HTML5Hypertext Markup Language version 5Development
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol SecureSecurity
IP AddressInternet Protocol AddressIdentification
IoTInternet of ThingsConnectivity
JSONJavaScript Object NotationData Format
JSON-LDJavaScript Object Notation for Linked DataMarkup
KOLKey Opinion LeaderInfluencer
KPIKey Performance IndicatorMeasurement
LBMLocation-Based MarketingProximity
LMSLearning Management SystemEducation
LSI KeywordsLatent Semantic Indexing KeywordsRelevance
LTVLifetime ValueCustomer Value
MQLMarketing Qualified LeadLead Scoring
MRRMonthly Recurring RevenueSubscription
NPSNet Promoter ScoreLoyalty
OTOOne-Time OfferMarketing
ORMObject-Relational MappingDatabase
PBNPrivate Blog NetworkSEO
PPCPay Per ClickAdvertising
QAQuality AssuranceTesting
QR CodeQuick Response CodeInteraction
RFPRequest for ProposalProposal
RLSARemarketing Lists for Search AdsTargeting
ROASReturn on Ad SpendAdvertising Efficiency
RSSReally Simple SyndicationContent
RSS FeedReally Simple Syndication FeedContent
SaaSSoftware as a ServiceDelivery
SEMSearch Engine MarketingMarketing
SEOSearch Engine OptimizationOptimization
SERMSearch Engine Reputation ManagementOnline Reputation
SERPSearch Engine Results PageRanking
SMOSocial Media OptimizationVisibility
SMMSocial Media MarketingBranding
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolEmail
SSLSecure Sockets LayerSecurity
SaaSSoftware as a ServiceDelivery
TOSTerms of ServiceAgreement
TOFUTop of FunnelAwareness
UIUser InterfaceDesign
UI/UXUser Interface/User ExperienceDesign
UGCUser-Generated ContentContribution
UTM ParametersUrchin Tracking Module ParametersTracking
UXUser ExperienceSatisfaction
VlogVideo BlogContent
VPCVoice of the CustomerFeedback
W3CWorld Wide Web ConsortiumStandardization
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You GetEditing
XMLeXtensible Markup LanguageData Format
XML SitemapXML SitemapSearch Engines
YMYLYour Money or Your LifeContent Classification
Zero DayZero DayVulnerability
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