Steps for resolve broadband internet issue

Your broadband internet is not working or stopped suddenly ? Here is a checklist to do before contacting customer-care or any other replacement.

  1. Check the ISP Phone line is connected to your router ( Modem ) properly.
  2. Check the connection between computer and router is properly connected or not.
  3. Check the power supply.
  4. Check your LAN indication light on router is turned on ( mostly it will be green )
  5. If LAN indication is not showing, issue is with the connection between router and computer.
  6. Check the DSL indication lamp on router is turned on.
  7. If the DSL is not steady or turned on, then the issue with the connection between ISP server and modem. ( Then call your ISP customer care immediately )
  8. If all these things working properly, then its the time for checking your computer.
  9. First do a ping command from your command prompt ( ping ) . will be the default setting for router’s local ip address.
  10. If the ping failed, then surely its due to networking between computer and router issue. Check your cable and all.
  11. If the ping is successful, then check your antivirus & firewall options ( and do a trial and error attempt by turning off and on )
  12. Check your network connection properties and check your default gateway, DNS servers and Ip address configurations are correct or not.
  13. Its all will take maximum 10-15 minutes. 90% of the issue with broadband can be rectified by these steps.

If the internet connection issue from your your ISP side,then you can do nothing with that. Call your customer care ( it will be in their bills, receipt, emails and website.). Now a days most of the ISP having good customer support and will rectify the issue within 24 hours time.

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