How to install font in your windows XP computer

Many people still unaware about “how to install fonts” in their computer. Actually its very easy to do. First you need to download and save the desired font in your computer. Here is the steps to install a font in Windows XP.

Install Font Most easy method

  1. Copy the font file
  2. Go to the Windows folder. There you can see a folder named “Fonts” ( typically the path will be C:\WINDOWS\Fonts )
  3. Paste the copied font file in that directory.
  4. Now you can see a window saying that installing font file , and the window will automatically closed after the font installation.
  5. Check the Fonts folder, there you can see the installed font file.

Second Method

That’s all , the font is ready to use in your windows XP computer.

Beware about the downloaded fonts from internet, make sure that its not a virus before the installation.



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