In the process of project management proper scheduling is an important factor for the successful project.Project manager should divide the entire project into small elements which cannot be further divided which is known as Terminal elements, and schedule each terminal elements by starting date and ending date.Scheduling time can be find by the case studies of previous projects Terminal elements completed time and its behaviour.Failure in proper Scheduling management will leads to the un satisfied client or more resource usage. A lot of tools and software’s are available to do this job automatically. Here is some useful list and details of project scheduling tools available for project managers.

Task Planner 3.0

Task·Planner is a staff scheduling tool, that separates the problem into three: 1. The activity schedule, showing what is to be done when. 2. The work schedule, showing who is available when. 3. The assignment problem of who is to do what and when, based on availability and competences.

ResSched 9.36

ResSched makes resource scheduling easier and more effective for businesses, health and educational institutions, and other organizations. ResSched is used by hundreds of organizations to schedule.

Proliance Project Portfolio Management

primarily for use during the planning and building phase of the lifecycle—enables you to manage all critical aspects of projects, including scope, schedules, budgets, contracts, resources and more.


Scope, schedule, execute work, and manage projects more effectively. Project management features address time reporting and billing, risk and issue management, work slippage, and resource capacity issues.

IBM Rational Unified Process

it can help a project manager estimate high-level cost and schedule early in the project, create detailed plans for each iteration, and manage cost and schedule as the project proceeds.

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