In project management , perfect project estimation is the basis of sound project planning. Many processes have been developed to aid project managers in making accurate estimates, such as compartmentalization (i.e., breakdown of tasks), parametric estimating, structured planning,educated assumptions,Delphi method, identifying dependencies,examining historical data,estimating each task,documenting the results.A lot of tools and software’s are available to do this job automatically. Here is some useful list and details of project estimation tools available for project managers.


ACEIT (Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools) is a family of applications that support program managers and cost/financial analysts during all phases of a program’s life-cycle. ACEIT applications are the premier tool for analyzing, developing, sharing, and reporting cost estimates, providing a framework to automate key analysis tasks and simplify/standardize the estimating process.

Cost Xpert Tool

The Cost Xpert Tool Suite represents the latest standard of the Integrated Methodology driven Estimation (IME) and is an intuitive operated standard tool for the realistic estimation of effort, time, resources and cost to complete a project, as well as an estimate of potential risk, defects, and documentation page count for the entire IT application life cycle.


is a software estimation tool based on the Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO) described by Barry Boehm in his books Software Engineering Economics and Software Cost Estimation with COCOMO II.Software project managers use Costar to produce estimates of a project’s duration, staffing levels, effort, and cost. Costar lets you make trade-offs and experiment with “what-if” analyses to arrive at the optimal project plan.

ProPricer Estimator Edition

As a companion product to ProPricer Standard Edition (SE), ProPricer Estimator Edition (EE) is a low cost, easy-to-learn, fully integrated solution for Cost Estimators. Learned in less than an hour, now estimates can be made part of the pricing review process seamlessly. ProPricer EE replaces manual, non-integrated estimating, eliminates duplicate data entry, and replaces it with standardized efficiency.


SCEplus is a Microsoft Excel add-in that provides a complete COCOMO II software cost analysis capability and function point modeling.As an Excel add-in; you can develop your estimates with a tool you already know, add additional cost information, generate charts and distribute results in a standard format. When changes come along you don’t have to contend with re-importing the data from your modeling tool. You start in Excel – you work in Excel – you finish in Excel.By harnessing the power of Excel, software cost estimating doesn’t become a full-time career – it is straight forward and easy. That means you can spend your time on the hard part – determining the scope & size of the project.


SLIM-Estimate places a variety of solution methods at your fingertips. Unlike many “one-size-fits-all” estimating tools, SLIM-Estimates can be as detailed or as simple as you want to make them.


TychoMetrics consists of pre-defined Smartmetrics, probe agents and reports for small to large corporate environments. TychoMetrics ensures consistency and accuracy and the user maintains great flexibility in the measurements that are gathered and reported.

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