A help desk is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with computers or similar products. Corporations often provide help desk support to their customers via a toll-free number, website and/or e-mail. There are also in-house help desks geared toward providing the same kind of help for employees only.A typical help desk has several functions. It provides the users a central point to receive help on various computer issues. The help desk typically manages its requests via help desk software, such as an incident tracking system, that allows them to track user requests with a unique ticket number.Here is some lits of useful help desk tools


Installed on MS Windows desktop computers, our foundation solution, allowing you to quickly set up a helpdesk and network your users to a central database.

Fast Track Help Desk

Call logging and monitoring software with automatic fault-context routing of instructions, and escalation & jeopardy notification. n Asset Tracking, Work Invoicing, Labour Control and more.


Add in great support and over ten years of proven performance, and we think you will agree that HelpTrac is the best solution for your help desk software needs.


Issue Logging & Tracking,Web Interface,Email Logging,Email Notifications,Highly Customisable ,Contract Management,Built In Reporting,Multi Lingual,Unlimited Users,Affordable Annual Fee

Help Desk Authority for the IT Help Desk

Empower help desk staff to effectively manage trouble ticket requests with a proven, scalable and flexible solution that shortens the lifecycle of IT help desk issues.

LBE Help Desk

Affordable Help Desk Software, developed and supported by us since 1991.


Web Portal for customers/staff to log tickets,Web Portal for remote support staff (incl. PDA/Blackberry access), Receive tickets via email – with full threading,Managerial Overview Dashboard – with Public Display option, Knowledge Base,Asset Management with Automatic Asset Discovery,Technician Time Recording and Calendar,Advanced SLA Handling with SLA Monitor for Management,ITIL Compatible,Easy Intuitive Design,Process IT / HR / Maintenance requests,Sales Order Processing,Supplier Contract Management,Reporting with Designer and Query Builder, Billing – Integrates with Quickbooks/Sage

NetKeeper Help Desk Software

an award winning, full-featured, help desk software solution to manage and control workflow and customer support incidents, for superior customer satisfaction. Includes knowledge management, issue tracking, contact information, inventory control


PowerHelp is a best-of-class service management software suite that improves service response and resolution times, reduces the costs of delivering service, and captures actionable data. PowerHelp integrates easily with legacy systems, and offers one of the industry’s fastest deployment times, all of which contribute to its low total cost of ownership and high return on investment.

WN Help Desk

WN Help Desk is a shareware help desk solution with a backend database of either Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Access. WN Help Desk Standard uses only the Access backend database, while WN Help Desk Enterprise can use either the Access backend or a Microsoft SQL backend. This application provides a full-featured help desk for companies of any size. Designed to be accessed by multiple help desk technicians at the same time, this application has been developed over the course of seven years with the features that current users have requested. If you have been unsatisfied with high-priced commercial help desk software, this could be the solution for your company. Join the hundreds of companies running WN Help Desk, a help desk solution for the rest of us.


HelpMaster has an extensive feature set that addresses critical IT functions such as incident, problem and change management. See why the template system of HelpMaster can help you build a powerful workflow model for your business

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