Most of the bugs producing from mistakes made by the people ( programmer / Designer / Architect etc ) in their programming source code or designing etc. Some bugs are caused by compiler producing like issues with System used in the project. Bug tracking is the process of collecting bugs in a software program. The report or statement produced from bug tracking method is called as Bug Tracking report. Report contains the explanation of the bugs, Software version details, Operating system version etc to further refine software design. Bug tracking is one of the important role for a project manager to attain the project success. A lot of tools and software’s are available to do this job automatically. Here is some useful list and details of bug tracking tools available for project managers and developers. IBM Rational ClearQuest

It provides change tracking, process automation, reporting and lifecycle traceability for better visibility and control of the software development lifecycle.

Advanced Defect Tracking

Advanced Defect Tracking is designed for small and large software companies to simplify their feature development and bug tracking. The software allows you to track bugs, defects feature requests and suggestions by version, customer etc. Once bugs, defects, feature requests or suggestions are entered, real-time reports can be generated by employee, or by product and version to quickly determine what has or has not been resolved.

BugAware 7

You can fully customize your BugAware instance and define the types of tasks created, statuses and priority that represent your workflow and specify user roles that restrict what projects users have access to.When your users submit a bug, issue or defect they can include custom fields and lists, file attachments, time recording, track change history and contribute comments to a user discussion thread.


The goal of bug-buddy is to make reporting bugs very simple and easy for the user, while making the reports themselves more useful and informative for the developer. Features include the ability to obtain a stack trace from a core file or crashed application and to determine versions of packages installed on your system.The program can be started both from gmc and from the crash dialog. It supports GNOME, KDE, Debian, and Ximian bug tracking systems.


Web-based bug tracking and project management tool.Integrate with source control systems, like CVS, Subversion and Microsoft Visual Source Safe.Access real-time information from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.Manage hundreds of projects in multiple locations OR just a few!


Bugzero provides an enterprise-grade cost-effective scalable solution to increase team work efficiency. It is easy to use, yet still flexible and adaptive, and can be configured to accommodate your organization’s unique business process and workflow. It just works the way you want it to be.


CRM Help Desk software that includes defect and bug tracking software capabilities for those companies that are supporting internally developed software. It integrates the communications between support or help desk, development, and professional services.

Defect Manager

Defect Manager is a professional grade bug and issue tracking system. Defect Manager tracks, bugs, defects, calls, tasks and enhancements through the entire software development life cycle. An invaluable system for management, software development, quality assurance, and technical support.


The ExtraView issue-tracking system is fully featured. Use off-the-shelf solutions to solve your tracking needs, or customize your own application

Fast BugTrack

The FIT | BugTrack template helps organizations improve product quality by enforcing a standard, structured process. All information is retained, which maintains a historical knowledge base available to all users.


FogBugz makes it simple to enter bug reports and other types of cases. We want it to be trivial to capture every possible flaw and rough edge in your product (even if you’re not sure it’s a bug) so that nothing is forgotten. It’s this kind of finicky perfectionism that results in really great software.


GNU GNATS is a set of tools for tracking bugs reported by users to a central site. It allows problem report management and communication with users via various means. GNATS stores all the information about problem reports in its databases and provides tools for querying, editing, and maintenance of the databases.


Web-based project management software application that makes task management, bug tracking, and document management hassle-free and straightforward. icTracker keeps your team on the same page with a centralized location for tracking multiple projects, tasks, issues, sites, emails, related notes and project documents.


JIRA combines issue tracking, agile project management, customisable workflow, and a pluggable integration framework to increase the velocity of your software development team.


Census is a scaleable, Web-based system for bug tracking, defect tracking, enhancements, support calls, timesheets and more.


Customizable workflow tool for bug tracking, quality assurance, help desks and call centers.

NetResults Tracker

NetResults Tracker is a powerful, easy-to-use web-based collaboration tool to help companies track business issues and automatically manage them through to resolution.


PR-Tracker is an enterprise level problem tracking system designed especially for bug tracking. PR-Tracker is easy to use and setup. It has a sensible default configuration so you can begin tracking bugs right away while configuring the software on the fly to suit your special needs.


Report, track and resolve bugs, issues and changes during product development. Save development and maintenance time. Focus team effort on tasks required to quickly complete the project. The well-defined workflow can be fully customized by your organization.


integrated, feature-rich configuration management system providing process management, issue/problem tracking, version control, and release management. Workflow, templates, rules, and controls can be customized to match your process.


RMTrack can be used for bug tracking, issue tracking, defect tracking, help desk, support issues, feature requests or just about any action item that you need to track from creation to resolution.

TestTrack Pro

Tracking defects, issues, and feature requests is a critical component of any software development and quality control process. The earlier and quicker bugs are resolved, the lower your development cost and the higher your product quality. TestTrack Pro puts improved quality, communication, and reporting within reach. Use TestTrack Pro and create better software in less time.

IssueNet Intercept

IssueNet Intercept is the most flexible defect tracking, bug tracking, and issue management software application on the market. IssueNet Intercept has been designed from the ground up with a relentless dedication to scalability and customization. With an IssueNet Intercept solution customized precisely to an organization’s preferred processes and methodologies, managing bugs, requirements, defects, and other issues has never been easier or more effective.

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