Technical Tips

Steps for resolve broadband internet issue

Your broadband internet is not working or stopped suddenly ? Here is a checklist to do before contacting customer-care or any other replacement. Check the ISP Phone line is connected to your router ( Modem ) properly. Check the connection between computer and router is properly connected or not. Check the power supply. Check your LAN indication light on router is […]

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Windows User Accounts

You know when we install Windows XP , that time we can create multiple users and can assign passwords for those. In this post I am telling about the method to access the user accounts in your Computer. Its easy and most of the people know how to access that. But this post is for […]

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How to install font in your windows XP computer

Many people still unaware about “how to install fonts” in their computer. Actually its very easy to do. First you need to download and save the desired font in your computer. Here is the steps to install a font in Windows XP. Install Font Most easy method Copy the font file Go to the Windows […]

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Windows Boot History – To know the Computer starting & shutdown time

Several people requires to check their boot history of their Windows Computer. The scenarios will be different for them. A few is listed below. I want to check my computer starting time ( or shutdown time ) for a particular date. I want to check my employee’s ( or kid etc )  computer to know […]

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