When to be pregnant

Age of a woman is very important in being pregnant and delivery. The best time for first delivery is between the age of 22 and 26.There will be no much issue till the age of 30. But after the age of 30 there can be some difficulties.


In the modern era most of the women are highly educated, well employed in high posts. They will be in more tensed and stressed atmosphere. Most of them gets married only at the age of 26-28. So it is not possible for them to think of a pregnancy before the age of 26 (Here we are talking only about being pregnant after marriage). In such cases try to have a baby before you pass the age of 30. If you are above that age please consult a doctor before being pregnant and make sure there is no health issues for you.


At the same time do not thing of a pregnancy before the age of 21-22. Even though one have the potential of being pregnant after starting of mensturation, a girls’s mind and body will not prepared for a pregnancy. So it always better to think of pregnancy after the age of 21-22. A woman completes her uterus and hip growth only by the age of 21-22, thats why its being said that its good to be pregnant after that age. A girl who becomes pregnant and delivers a child can have health problems in her future life.