Weight reduction

Mix honey with water in equal proportion of water and have it daily to reduce your weight.

Intake of lime juice or Mosambi juice daily early in the morning before having anything helps in reducing fat.

Have porridge made of fried wheat mixed with honey everyday. Mix honey only when the porridge is cooled.

Having warm water after every meal can help you to burn the excessive fat you took in.

Intake of honey with Ocimum sanctum (tulsi) paste, in equal proportion, with warm water helps in reducing weight to a very great extent.

Try not to have heavy dinner, instead, take a bowl of fruits along with papaya or a vegetable soup with black pepper and also some papaya, that too before 8pm.


Weight Loss without the usually heavy exercise and diet.


I came across an article saying that weight and belly can be reduced without that heavy exercise and the diet control. The article stated that simple stretching of hands to both sides and rounding, like the way small children do. Also shake your belly like a belly dancer. When i read this i felt the same way you are thinking now. But still i thought i will give a try. I did this and to my surprise my weight is reduced to a small extent and the very attractive thing about this is you will be able to stop yourself from putting on weight anymore and also able to give yourself a good figure. I did this, and along with this did the hip rotation too. Try this and i am sure that this will be effective. Also please let me know how much effective is this and how far it helped you.