Tips for sixth month Pregnancy

  • Try to keep your foot in a comfortable higher level that is on a chair or so, since there will be swelling on the foot and ankle.
  • Sit straight to keep you back bone straight. Also try to give a support for the back. This will help to prevent the difficulty to breathe due to the big stomach.
  • Abstain from using footwear with heel because you need a balancing of body.
  • Do not prevent yourself from drinking water in the thought of frequent urination. Drink more water or else it will lead to urinary infection or dehydration.
  • On reaching sixth month do not use rings on fingers because your fingers can become big at any point of time from now.
  • Please make a habit to walk slowly everyday for sometime to give relief to your body and to comfort the blood circulation.
  • Try to lie down on your left side always and also give a support for the stomach with a pillow.
  • By completing sixth month make sure that you are in a very clean surrounding without any dust to disturb you. Clean your carpets, bed sheets, mats etc.