Tips for Seventh Month Pregnancy

• It will not be possible to run around like earlier. Take care while you walk and while climbing steps.

• There can be some sort of discharges at any time. So make sure you have a good stock of cotton panties with you. If the discharges are more in quantity, use clean pads to protect it.

• Do some sort of light exercises as per the instruction of your doctor. If you feel some suffocation or tiredness, stop doing the exercise and also consult your doctor.

• If there is swelling on your legs, keep legs in warm salt water and take rest.

• Do not lie on your back for long time. Try to sleep on your left side and keep a pillow to support your stomach. Sleep for at least 8 hours in the night and take 2 hours rest during day time.

• Take blood test to confirm that you are not anemic.

• If no test for HR factor was done before, then do not delay it anymore. If injection is required, do it right now.

• Check that you do not have gestation diabetics, which is associated with pregnancy.