Tips for life management

  • Never keep a work in pending both in office or at home. Finish it off when you get time. Do not keep it for the next day.

  • Keep a friendship with all around you. It can help you feel enthusiastic always.

  • Enjoy the work you do and with a good heart. Engage yourself in works that you enjoy.

  • There is no harm in asking for small helps from family members as well as colleagues. But remember to thank them always. Their help can make you feel that you are never alone.

  • Make your children understand the need for you to work. Let them understand that their parents are working so hard for them. It will make them think positive and matured. It will reduce your tension.

  • Do not express anger in front of your kids or others to your life partner how worse it may be. Always keep in it mind that they too have problems and tensions.