Time management at kitchen

  • Fix the menu for the week when the week starts. So that you can shop the vegetables and other items required accordingly earlier.
  • The vegetables can be kept ready, by cutting it in the previous night.
  • Coconut also can be grinded and kept in a air tight container.
  • Meat can be kept cooked by adding turmeric powder, and salt. So that you can prepare the curry whenever needed.
  • Fish can be cleaned and cut in the weekend and kept in freezer. Apply masala for the ones that are needed to be fried in the coming days. Keep all that separately for each day.
  • Pappad also can be fried and kept in air tight containers for 2-3 days.
  • Battery for dosa, idli and appam can be kept ready in the weekends for the coming week days.
  • Keep the onion, small onion and ginger cleaned, so that it will be ready for use.