Third month of Pregnancy

Third month is the time when one completes an important stage of pregnancy. The morning sickness like nausea and vomiting will stop by the end of third month. If it still continues after third month of pregnancy, please consult your doctor.


There will be many physical changes in the body of the expecting mother. Breast becomes bigger and soft. By the third month, weight increase can be identified. One-kilogram increase per month is the natural and healthy. Those who have lost weight due to vomiting and nausea should some how make sure that she is having proper food and weight is being increased.


Hormone change will happen very frequently during this period, which can affect the expecting mother’s mental condition. Some can feel depressed or anxious, and some others will feel sad and can become angry for no reason. By completing the third month the pregnant woman will be able to adjust her with this mood changes. The family members and husband of the pregnant lady should be aware of these mood changes of the woman. Its good that if the colleagues of the pregnant lady too adjust with her changes and give her the required care.


There can be some colour change or marks in some part of the body. Small colour change can be seen on face too. This is due to the hormone variation and increase of melanin.
In the third month nails and hair will grow fast, saliva will also increase. She should keep herself clean and tidy, especially body and mouth. The tendency of urinary infection is comparatively higher at this period. So proper care should be taken while using toilets and under garments. White discharge can occur in most of the pregnant women. It will stop by itself within days. If it has colour change or bad odour please consult your doctor regarding the same. Since the uterus began to grow and intestine becomes congested, the acids will come up through oesophagus, so the heartburn and sour and bitter taste in to mouth will increase. Intake of more food can make this feeling increase. Hence it is better to have small quantity of food in regular intervals.