The best natural shampoo for hair

Falling and Graying of hairs is a serious problem that makes us unhappy


I have heard many women complaining about the lack of time for everything. They even tend to forget to care themselves. Later when they look back many of them tend to regret about this. Hair care is a one of the important things everyone forgets, which end up in saying “I use to have thick and long hair earlier”, after some time.


The following is the best medicinal shampoo from our kitchen and garden.


1. The residual solid of coconut, after the oil has been extracted (known as thenga pinnaku)
2. A day old rice soup
3. Chemparathi thali (Paste of hibiscus leaves and flowers)


Soak a little of the first ingredient in rice soup. After fifteen minutes mix the hibiscus leaves and flower paste in it. Apply this on scalp and hair after an oil massage. Wash it off with plenty of water. The particles of this may go from hair only after combing hair. But this is the best shampoo anybody can use.


The residual solid of coconut is used to wash off the oil along with the dirt. If you do not want to wash off oil, you can use the hibiscus paste mixed in rice soup. . The hibiscus paste (chemparathi thali) is indeed the ultimate solution to all these problems. Now another problem is no body has time to make hibiscus paste everyday. In that case, on a weekend or holiday take some hibiscus leaves and flowers and paste it by adding some water, in a mixie. Keep it refrigerated in a bottle. This will remain without any defect for 1 week. It is good to add some neem and curry leaves too while making hibiscus paste.

It is been found that those stay abroad cannot have the hibiscus paste available. There is a way for that too, since its been said that “Where there is a will, there is a way”. When you are at their your native place, spend some time for it. Take a lot of hibiscus leaves and flowers and paste them. Dry this paste under shade, till all the water is dried off. it will be powdery after drying. When it is dried well add some camphor powder too to the hibiscus powder. You can keep it in a dried box or tin. Use when required.


It is been seen that a day old rice soup can have a bad smell. In that case you can add a drop of sandal essence or eucalyptus drop or even a small piece of camphor to this mixture, which give hair a good smell too. Also the camphor helps your hair from lice and dandruff .


This is not only a shampoo but also regulates the growth of hair and gives it a natural shine & tidiness. This makes your hair smooth and soft too. It is an effective medicine for falling of hairs, graying, dandruff and scratching of head. This is also a good conditioner for hair.