Tenth month of Pregnancy

Pregnancy has reached its last stage. The big tummy’s disturbances and tensions exist through out this month. By the last four weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s weight can increase up to 1 ½ kg. The tummy will require a support all the time. You will not be able to walk as smoothly as you used to do.

The baby is growing inside the stomach by making the intestines, bladder etc. Thus the bladder can hold urine any more. You will have to urinate very frequently. Do not stop yourself from drinking water on the feel that you will have to urinate frequently. You may feel that your stomach is full even by having a little food.

Have dry fruits or fruits every now and then. The pregnant woman will not be in a condition for standing, sitting or lying down smoothly. It is better to walk inside the room itself than lying down all the time. It is good to have your dear ones near you always.