Sixth month of Pregnancy

By reaching the sixth month, all the internal organs of fetus would have developed by this time. You can feel the uterus by touch. Due to the growth of uterus, the pressure to the veins of legs and hands will be high and this may lead to problems such as varicose vein. There can be swelling on the ankle and foot. There may be some swelling on face too due to the increase in estrogen. These will disappear after the delivery.


The uterus grows above the urinary bladder to reach it and makes its congested. Due to this there will be frequent urination. It is also possible that some drops of urine may pass without the pregnant woman’s knowledge. In some cases, there can be leakage of amniotic acid. It is not possible to identify whether the leaked fluid is urine or amniotic acid. If you feel that the leakage is more than normal, them please consult your doctor.


On the end of the sixth month you can feel a small movement or hits in the lower abdomen. It is known as the “Braxton hits”. Braxton Hicks contractions are part of your body getting ready for labour, and that they get the processes of effacement and dilation going in preparation for delivery. This is called ‘ripening’.


The stomach would have been like a football by now. You may feel itching on the lower abdomen and on breasts. Your face and nipples may become darker. If your skin goes dry, please make it comfortable with some moisturizer or coconut oil. There may appear a black line running from your lower abdomen to the bottom. This will disappear after the delivery. Your mental condition may change frequently according to the hormone changes. Reaching the seventh month will reduce this. If some depression exists even after this time, please consult your doctor.


At certain time, the pregnant woman may feel so tires, not able to concentrate and the like disturbances. In such times she should be given more care and security feeling. Some pregnant women can experience disturbances like piles. Usually this is not a big issue but if this increases, get medication. Include more of fruits and vegetables, which will help you to prevent constipation.