Seventh month of Pregnancy

On reaching the seventh month, all organs of the fetus will be developed. In case, due to some reason the baby has to be taken out, then also we can make it survive by giving due care.


From the seventh month the pregnant woman will start to put on weight considerably. But do not put control on food due to this. Have healthy and nutritious food. There is chance for being anemic again. In order to avoid anemic condition have more iron content food and vitamins. If the baby’s father’s blood group is positive and mother’s is negative, then there can be chance for the RH factor problem. Take the injection to prevent this. Since the stomach is becoming bigger, it is difficult for the spinal cord to hold the weight. So make sure you give support to your back with a pillow while sitting.


From the seventh month the uterus will grow 1cm in each week. The blood pressure that was low in the earlier months can come up now. On the eighth month your blood pressure can reach to almost similar level blood pressure of delivery time. You may feel that you are losing strength of hips and thighs. This happens due to the growth and increase in weight and of the fetus. Some may feel the loss of a drop of urine while laughing or coughing. This is known as “Stress incontinence”. This happens due to the pressure on urinary bladder and also due to the loss of strength of urinary bladder and its walls. This will be cured by itself after the delivery. But for some this may continue. So if you feel you have incontinence please let your doctor know about it and take advice.