Second month of pregnancy

This is the month on which one usually does not get the usual menstrual cycle. If there is no signs of menstruation even after 8-10 days of the usual date then a pregnancy detection date has to be done. Once pregnancy is confirmed then she should consult a gynecologist.

There will no much tests in the first session. Blood pressure, hemoglobin count and weight etc will be tested. The folic acid tablets may also be prescribed. The morning sickness, nausea, vomiting etc usually starts in this month for most of the pregnant ladies. Frequent urination is a general symptom for all. The pregnant woman may respond to smell and sound than anyone else.

Avoid sexual contact for 8-10 weeks after pregnancy is confirmed. The contraction of uterus can affect the embryo. The chance of being infected is also higher. Always avoid scooter-bike-autoriksha journeys, and also avoid journeys through bad roads. Those women have pregnancy related issues such as abortion, bleeding etc, should take extra care.

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