Kerala Sambar Recipe



1. Split gram (thuvara parippu) – 1 cup

Asafoetida – A small piece (fried and powdered)

Green chilly

2. Tomato-2 (this is a must)

The following vegetables are not a must. You can even make this sambar without the following, or can make it, using any of the following

Carrot –2

Ladies finger – 4-5

Potato – 2-3 (medium sized)

Drum stick – 2

Cut these vegetables in small pieces, and keep each of them separately.

3. Chilly Powder – 2 teaspoon

Coriander Powder – 3 teaspoon

Turmeric Powder – 1 teaspoon

4.Tamarind – a piece (As required) It should be soaked in ¾ cup of water.

5.Oil – as required

6.Sambar Powder (available in market)

7.Curry leaves – 2 stem.

8.Small onion – 4-5 (cut in small pieces)

9.Onion – 1 (cut in small pieces)

10.Salt- As required

11.Mustard seeds – some


This is a very easy recipe for sambar. It is not only easy it is too tasty too…

Wash and take the split gram in a cooker add 2 glasses of water. Add some cut green chilly and some oil and the fried and powdered asafoetida to it. Keep it in high flame till the cooker gives out three whistles.


After opening the cooker, add the cut carrot and potato to this cooked split gram. Again keep it in flame for 1 whistle to come.


Take a mud vessel (clay pot, mann chatti) and keep it on flame. Add some oil and fry the onion in it. Once it cooked and fried add the cut tomato to it. Let the tomato be cooked. If you are adding ladies finger, this is the time to add it. Add 3rd ingredients to it. Stir for 1 minute in low flame. Then add the tamarind water to it. Stir it again.


Now add the cooked split gram and cooked vegetables to it. Let it boil. You can taste it now and if you feel that the sour,and salt is less than what you require, please do not hesitate to add it. If the chilly added is not enough, please add some more chilly powder or cut green chillies. You can now add some more fried and powdered asafoetida to it. Once it starts to boil add the sambar powder to it. If you feel that it needs some more water then add some more and let it boil. After adding water make sure that the taste is again correct.


In other case, if you feel water is more then let it boil till the extra water is dried off.


Once everything is done, take it from flame. Take some oil in a small frying pan and put the mustard seeds and when it pops add the cut small onion to it and add the curry leaves once the small onion is golden brown. Put of the flame after putting curry leaves add it to the prepared sambar. Keep the sambar closed for some time. Serve hot.


This is a less time consuming and also easy, since there is no coconut grinding, frying and pasting. Using a mud pot gives the recipe a good taste.



If you child doesn’t have any vegetables and you want to make them have it, then there is a trick for making them has it. Smash the cooked vegetables and add to this sambar. Then they will never know what all vegetables did you use.