Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is not a disease. It is one of the best time in a women’s life, however hard it may be. It is the ever best feeling to know the heartbeats of her baby when it is inside her womb. Any women will love to feel it, even when she knows that, she is sacrificing and suffering a lot for the only one.

Pregnancy period is the most important period in a woman’s life. This period includes happiness, tension, anxiety and carefullness. In the earlier generation there were 8-10 pregnancies in a woman’s life. S during that period it was not an issue. But now a days, conception and delivery are all done with great care.

Every thing before and after delivery should be planned and prepared. When it 1-2 pregnancy became a common thing in a woman’s life, pregnancy became a thing which should be pre-planned and organized according to the needs. When should one prepare to be pregnant after marriage is also being planned. Before conceiving itself a woman should be prepared both physically and mentally.