Pepper Spray

Do you all know what is pepper spray? What it is used for? If the answer is no, here comes the answer for you.


We have come across many instances, where the tear gas has been used. It is been mainly used while a riot is going on. Pepper spray has the same consequences, as that of the tear gas consequences. But we are here to talk about the pepper gas that is available in the market, for individual use. It is now available in small bottles, which can be kept in your bag, purse or even pockets.


First we need to know what is Pepper spray? It is a compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and even temporary blindness. It is often known as Capsicum spray. The main ingredient of pepper spray is “capsaicin”, which is extracted from the fruits of Capsicum genus, especially chilies. It is not been found that pepper spray effect is long lasting. However the effect can last up to thirty to forty five minutes. The effectiveness can vary from one another since each can be of different strength.


There are instances where the use of the spray has resulted in death of many. In certain countries, this is being used against the victims in police custody. There were many controversies going on about the use of pepper spray. Many clinical researches were also done. But all of them were contradictory.


Pepper spray is also known as OC spray, Oleoresin Capsicum, OC gas,