Ninth month of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is almost complete on the ninth month. It’s good to consult doctor every week and analyze the health condition and growth of fetus. You can go to hospital for delivery at any time.

There may be swelling on legs and hands. Bad blood tends to get stored in the nerves for long time. This causes the swelling. The blood level will be double during this period. Because the blood is in such a level the body will be reddish.

There need not be any control in food at this time. But avoid the fast food and other fatty and oily food. Include more of fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and egg. Since the pregnancy has grown it will be difficult to have more food. Even if you have a small quantity of food, you will feel that your stomach is full. So it is good to have a little food frequently. Drink more water and have food that is more fibrous.

Take more care while going out and climbing downstairs. Some women may go for work at this time. You can go for work if there is no much travelling required and if there is no complication. It will be difficult for talking aloud, sitting or standing for long time.

You must be careful while doing anything and everything. The baby in uterus will be lying congested. You would have to pass urine and will have to eat food very frequently. Uterus will have grown to congest the ribs. It will be also difficult for you to lay down for sleep because of your big stomach. Always try to sleep on turning your left side. Give support to your stomach and legs with pillows. Light sleep is entertained.