Health and weight of pregnant woman

When a woman is preparing to become a mother, she should make sure that she is physically healthy and fit. She should make sure that she has the weight according to her height and she is not anemic. Also make sure that she is not over weight. Obese women have the chance of abortion than others. The higher rate of obesity – the higher the chance of abortion.


A pregnant woman should have proper diet, rest and also required exercise. The expecting mother’s weight increases according to the growth of baby in the womb. The weight of the pregnant woman will be checked and filed in each check up. She would have increased 10-12 Kilograms on completing pregnancy.


In the first 2-3 months of pregnancy there will be no much change in the weight since the growth of the child will be in a slow progress. After the third month the weight of the carrier woman will be increasing from 200gms to 400gms every week. The weight of the baby will be low if the pregnant woman has not increased her weight by at least 8-10kg.