Hair Styles


Hair styling has a very important role in our looks. The right suitable hairstyle can make us look beautiful. Hence it is a laying stone in giving us confidence. Typing up hair without it falling on our face will not do enough good as expected. Also the particular style should match the circumstance and dress. It is always good to tie a simple knot that suits our face. Women always wanted to look different and beautiful. It is often possible that we will be bored with the same style. So always keep in mind to give different looks by trying new hairstyles. Even the most beautiful woman can look ugly by choosing the wrong style.


Straightening hair is one of the most new trends now. It is so beautiful to see the straight hair falling down. It is an expensive one, and also time consuming. It is also important that we should give much care and time for hair after the straightening process or else it can give a rough look for hair.


Try different hairstyles:-


High pony-


Both longhaired women and shorthaired women can try this. Bend to your front in such a way that all the hair should come in front. Brush the hair very well from the back and front. Now tie it with a band on to the top of your head. Now the hairstyle is high pony. For looking even better, take 2 hairs from each side and let it fall on to the each side of the face by applying some gel on it.
This hairstyle is best suited for teenage. It is suitable while wearing salwars, capris, long skirts or trousers. This can be tried when you are going to office or college. It is best suited for oval shaped and round shaped faces.


Mid pony:-


The shorthaired ones can try it. This is tied on the middle of the head. It can also be tried by the ones who have cut their hair in step cut or u-cut. Suited for long faces and also matches any dress. Good style to office.


Low pony:-


Low pony is best suited for women without thick hair, and also for women with curly hair. After brushing well can take some hair, which is running from the front, and clip it in the back. Can either use butterfly clips or banana clips. This style can be tried while going for a party also with some modifications. It is good to plait the hair and clip it instead of just clipping it. Best suited for oval shaped faces.


Put- up:-


Put –up always gives a modern look in any dress. It is suited to all circumstance. For lengthy women it can be tied by folding it like a spring and lifting it up and clipping. It can be tied in a different style by clipping the hair which falls down after a put-up, so that the hair falls down from the clip after put up, or can let it fall after put up with out clipping. This can be tied with a rubber band also without using a clip. Decorate the hair with beads while tying with rubber band, so that it will look too good for parties.


Traditional style:


It is better to plait the hair in traditional style for religious and the like functions. The south Indians would always like to tie the hair in traditional hair and pin flowers on it. It will give a very adorable look. Also instead of using flowers the hair can be decorated with colorful beads and bands. This will be more beautiful in parties.