Growth of fetus in the seventh month

Towards the end of seventh month, the baby inside you will be 25cm in length and 1kg of weight. Nails would have developed. Ears too would have started functioning. The baby will be able to hear noises from outside. The studies have proved that making listening to good music helps in the baby’s mental growth. On completing the sixth month the pregnant woman need to be provided with good rest and would start enjoying light arts like music. She needs to avoid horror movies and other tension giving entertainments.


The brain development of the baby will be fast during this period. The baby’s earliest stool known as Meconium, is being formed during this month, after the digestion of amniotic acid. This meconium is being expelled to the amniotic acid itself. This amniotic acid will be cleaned within 2-3 hours by itself and will be changed to the nutritious amniotic acid which provides the baby with all proteins. It is by the end of the seventh month, the fat layer is being formed and the skin of the baby becomes free from wrinkles and forms the original shape of a baby. The baby will be having hairs all over its body. The hair of the baby starts to grow from this month.


The baby’s movement can be clearly identified from the seventh month. Most of the mothers say that the baby is kicking the mom from inside. But it is the just the movement of the baby. One can hear the baby’s heartbeat if you keep your ears on the pregnant woman’s stomach.