Growth of Fetus in Sixth Month

In the sixth month a pregnant woman can feel the movements of fetus by touch. In the beginning of sixth month the fetus will be 18cm length and 300gms weight, which will reach to 20-22cm lengths and 500-550gms weights by the end of the month. The organs of the fetus would have grown according to the proportion. It may try to reach for hands or fingers for sucking. The eyelids would have developed to a great extent. The fetus will be keeping on drinking the amniotic acid. It gets all proteins from this. By digesting the amniotic acid the internal organs will be preparing them for the digestion process.


The fetus will start looking like how it looks after the delivery. Eyebrows will have started growing. The skin will be wrinkled. If the fetus is male, then its sex organs will attain growth. The immunity system will be developed by now. Pancreas will be developed and will be prepared for the production of insulin hormone. In the sixth month the respiratory organs starts to grow to get prepared for the whole system. The eyeballs have developed and eyelids.


Since the respiratory organs starts to develop in the sixth month, the fetus will not be able to live if born before the sixth month. But there are cases reported that the fetus is taken out in the sixth month and has helped it to continue living using the modern science.
In short, by completing the 6th month a fetus is almost prepared for birth.