Growth of fetus in ninth month

The baby will be preparing itself to take birth by adjusting the position. The head of the baby will be now downwards so as to take birth. The baby turning to one side or the other can be well seen on the to-be-mom’s stomach. The one who looks on the stomach can see the baby taking his hand or leg.

The baby will be 30-35cm in length and about 2 ½ kg of weight. The growth that has to be completed inside the uterus will be 90% complete. All organs will be grown. In this stage it’s normal that the delivery to take place. The baby may come out by a normal delivery or an operation. Only 5% of those babies, who come out, will have some sort of deformalities. The babies whose respiratory organs have developed will only have some sort of problem.

The hairs on the baby’s body will start to disappear now. The coating on the baby’s body which is known as “Vernix caseosa” will disappear completely. Vernix caseosa is the waxy or cheese-like white substance found coating on the skin of newborn humans.

The bones of the head of baby will not be hard at this time. Since the baby has to come out through the mom’s bones, it should be soft enough to undergo that pressure. But all other bones of the baby will be getting hard day by day.

By completing 35 weeks of pregnancy the baby will have completed the major growth portion. Liver and kidney will be developed and would have started functioning. The baby will urinate within hours after taking birth and will also start to suck mom’s milk within one hour.

The process of storing fat under the skin of the baby continues at this time too, which gives softness and smoothness to its skin.