Growth of fetus in fifth month

While starting the fifth month the fetus will be 12cms length and 100gms of weight. By completing fifth month it will be 16cms in length and 200gms of weight. Fetus will start to move considerably from this month. The expecting mother can feel certain movements. A stethoscope can feel the heartbeat of the fetus. The legs and hands of the fetus will be grown in proportion with the length of body.


The growth of brain of the fetus reaches a very important stage in this month. During this period the brain start to develop special glands to recognize each feel like, see, hear, touch, smell, taste etc separately. If the fetus is female the uterus will start to develop. Sixty lakhs of small ovules could be formed in minute forms in the small ovary. Gum will be prepared for the growth of teeth. The bones, which were so light like rubber, will start hardening this month.


By completing five months, the immunity power began to develop. The eyeball would have developed. Also would have developed the power to identify light. The scientists state that if pregnant woman’s is exposed to powerful light after the fifth month, the fetus will raise its hands and try to hide its eyes to prevent the eyes from light.