Growth of fetus in eighth month

By completing eighth month the fetus will be 40-45cm in length and 1 ½ – 1 ¾ kg of weight. The baby acquires more weight in the next 2 months. “Lanugo” is a covering found on the body of the baby, which usually sheds of during this period. Baby’s hair will start to grow at this time. At this time the baby will start to suck its thumb by itself. Even though the fetus is inside the uterus, it can cry with tears.

The brain of the fetus develops fast at this time, including lakhs and lakhs of tissue nervous. The complete nerve tissue develops when the baby is in the uterus itself.

The pupil of iris of fetus can be large or small according to the light. Listening power also would have developed. The baby inside can even react to the outside sound. The baby will be frightened if it hears some big sound. That is why it is advised that pregnant women need to listen to good music at this time. It can also help to keep the mental condition of the to-be-mom pleasant.

By the eighth month, the baby will be almost completely grown inside the growth, which will make the pregnant woman feel that her tummy is full. There will be no much movement of baby during this month since the baby will not even have space to turn around inside. The baby will keep its head down and legs and hands folded. When the baby stretches its leg or hand the mom feels that the baby is kicking or smashing her. In the eighth month the baby will be having almost three hundred bones in its body. Some of them would have joined. Some of them may even be joined after the delivery. After the growth is complete there will be only 206 bones.