Fourth month of pregnancy

By reaching the fourth you have completed the first stage of pregnancy, that is the first trimester. The chance for abortion or accident is reduced from the fourth month. The changes in hormone level and the sickness of pregnancy will be much less from this month and hence the pregnant woman will be feeling quite enthusiastic and relieved.


Body will start producing more blood. The skin starts to prepare more oil that can lead to pimples and such things. You can feel the uterus has grown to 10-12 centimeters and has reached below the umbilicus. Also can feel the uterus growing by a touch. It doesn’t mean that another person can see the stomach growing. Your breasts also will start becoming bigger and will feel that it has become heavier. You can also see the blueness of nervous on the breast. Due to the pressure for holding the uterus, you can feel some irritation and stretching in the lower abdomen.


There can be a want for some type of food items in the fourth month. The type of food they need differ from one another. Such likes starts when you step in to the fourth month.
Sour tasting foods are more in need by majority of the pregnant women. Some may feel like having kerosene, clay, nail polish, paints etc. Such things need to get medicated. Studies are still going on about this likes and dislikes of women. No scientific study does prove why this happens in pregnant women, as of now.


In most of the pregnant women, stretch marks are being found by completing four months of pregnancy. Some may have it in more than average. You need not apply costly medicines to remove these marks. It will go by itself after the delivery when the stomach shrinks.


You cannot lie on your stomach from the fourth month. It is better to lie on your sides.