For dry skin Tips

Apply butter before going to sleep. This can help you to increase your color too.


Apply coconut oil on face and body before bathing and wash off with green gram powder

Massaging of your face with Badam oil can make your skin soft and shiny.

Apply grated apple on face for 20 minutes. This can make your glowing.

Apply honey on face.

Tips for prevention of dry skin

* Do not wash your face frequently.
* Do not use soaps with chemicals.
* Try to use natural moisturizers.
* Wash your face before going to sleep
* Do not let any cosmetics to be on face while going to sleep.
* Do not expose your skin to sun and dust. Pollution can make your skin look more dry.
* Use mild face wash for cleaning your skin.
* Apply the mixture of rose water and glycerin on face.
* Massage face with Almond oil.
* Keep yourself away from stress and strain.
* Do not over react.
* Do not use too much of cosmetics on skin.
* Practice yoga and meditation.

A good natural pack for dry skin:-

Grated beetroot – 1

Oats- 1 tea spoon

Rose water – 1 tea spoon

Cook oats and beetroot and add rosewater to it once it is cooled. Apply this mixture on face and wash off after 20 minutes.

It will remove the dry skin and give you a glowing skin. You will love the change of your skin. A very natural face pack for skin.