First month of pregnancy

In the first month of pregnancy most of the women will not even know about that. Usually the pregnancy is tested when the usual menstruation doesn’t happen. So there is nothing much to be done.


On the third week there can be a little bleeding. This can be a symptom for pregnancy. In the first month there is no need for medical check-up. Those who are planning for pregnancy can have folic acids tablets.


If the embryo does not reach the uterus and stays in the fallopian tube, then it is said to be a tubal pregnancy. It is dangerous if the embryo starts to grow anywhere outside the uterus. Medical consultation at the right time can prevent you from such dangers.

There will be no much physical changes during this time. There will be no much difficulties or disturbances in this first month. For some, the temperature of body can go high, but it will not be so much to notify.


Most of them will feel like urinating very frequently. This can be due to the hormone changes. The blood can be so light due to such hormone changes and thus liver function becomes much better. This is the reason for frequent urination.


Some of the pregnant women may feel the pain that occur during menstruation, some others may have headache,and a minority will feel tastelessness.