First Aid for fire burns

  • Take the patient away from the circumstance which caused fire
  • Take away the clothes and ornaments from the burnt area. Do it with due care and keep it in mind that we are not suppose to take away the clothes that have sticked on to the burnt area. Also take care while removing the ornaments. It should not cause damage to the burnt area while removing it.
  • Do not touch on the burnt area frequently
  • Do not keep area on the burn
  • Do not apply ghee, baking soda, lotion etc on the burn, which can cause infection.
  • Do not plaster the burn with cotton or cloth.
  • Give lot of drinking water
  • Give the patient immediate medical assistance by good doctors

For small burns:-

Apply honey on the area of fire burn. Applying ghee is also good.

Apply hibiscus (chembarathi poovu) juice on fire burns.