Fifth Month of Pregnancy

By completing five months of pregnancy, you are completing half the period of pregnancy. The tensions regarding the matter are half solved. It’s the time when you feel proud and happy to be pregnant. Hormone changes and mental conditions lead to this.


The lower abdomen will be seen clearly since its started growing. Cheeks and nose will show a brownish-black pigmentation that is usually known as Chloasma. It is known as the mask of pregnancy. This increases on the fifth month. Those who are exposed to more sunlight can have this on a higher rate.



Hunger will be increased and most of them begin to have more food. But it is always better to have food in small quantity in each interval. Due to the stretching in the lower abdomen there will be irritation. Do not scratch and make marks. Try to prevent from scratching and slowly run your hands over it. By reaching fifth month all body acids are to be increased. Due to the changes in nose, you can feel a disturbance while breathing. Even if you have snored while sleeping, you may snore while sleeping till delivery.


The weight of the pregnant women starts to increase considerably after the fifth month. From now weight can increase up to 1.5kg per month.