Eighth Month of Pregnancy

We are stepping into the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, on starting the eighth month, after two important trimesters. The fetus has now completed two stages of growth. The baby is preparing to come to the new world in the third stage.


On the eighth month the, to-be-mom’s blood level will be double than the earlier level. Those who have high blood pressure during pregnancy should be more alert from the eighth month. The pregnancy weight will be very much known from this month. Towards the end of eighth month the tightness of the waist will be lost and you will also feel that the muscles too are loose. Before the delivery the waist will be starts to stretch from this period. This changes in the buttocks and waist happens due to the pregnancy hormone known as “relaxin”. You may some difficulties while walking and there can be back pain due to the pregnancy weight. Since the baby is growing, your tummy too will be growing. This may result in the jamming of the ribs and lungs and thus cause suffocation.


The pregnant women may have the pregnancy laziness, but it is good that if you do not avoid small exercises and other activities. Those who require bed rest will be specially asked to take care and rest. Others can do small exercises like walking on the non-steep places, swimming slowly etc. “Kegel exercises” can be done only if your doctor permits you to do it.


Those who do not have blood pressure too can have swelling on legs at this time. You may also feel itching on stomach due to the skin stretching.