Dressing Styles and tips for women

Fashion tips for women: –


For fat women


Stick on to dark colors and if using light shades use dull colors, so that u wont look as fat as you really are. While wearing sarees, try to use Chiffon or Georgette sarees and prefer not to use Kota sarees or Cotton sarees. Prefer not to use large prints, horizontal lines or work. Stick on to dresses having vertical lines so that u look slim, also small prints too will be a good choice. Abstain from using transparent see-through sarees and tight fitted salwars.


For medium built women


A light grayish brown or yellowish brown to grayish yellow will suit the medium structured women very well, and it will be very pretty if you use georgette or satin while wearing sarees. Wear the dress, which will help you in disguising your physical flaws. Small sleeve dresses too will suit you.


For slim women


In the case of slim women, anything and everything will be pretty for you, except in cases if you are too thin. For the slim women any shade will be awesome for you. Sleeveless dress is advisable for you. It will be better if you stick to dresses with deep cuts and strapped blouses. In case of too thin women, many products are available in the market to make you in a good shape. Padded garments will help you to a very great extend in this regard. Present yourself in starched cotton sarees, or starched cotton salwars with lot of flairs.




If you are fair, go for golden or copper shades. The mixture of both can do miracles on you. Both dark shades and light shades will suit you, but bright shades will look good than anything. For a night party prefer to be in black, which will make you glow in the party. If you are a fair complexion then color likes true red, dark pink, icy aqua and silver suits you the best. Avoid using colors like orangey red, moss green etc, that are not so sharp. Such colors without sharpness can make you look pale.


For a wheatish colored woman shades of white will be suitable. The most suitable will be orange red, mustard and turquoise blue. A warm rich orange red color theme will look perfect. It is better to avoid bright blue, icy silver, and dark pink since these shades will meke you look dark. Choose the colors that are warm, rich and spicy.


Women with dark complexion can restrict themselves from using black and navy colors. Deep purple, burgundy, and emerald green will be suitable. Avoid using vibrant and fluorescent colors.




Short women :-


Wearing the right kind of dress can make you look taller. Do not forget to wear heels while wearing sarees. Make sure that the skirt length does not exceed your knee length, while wearing it. Good if it is above the knee length. In case of tops the sleeves can be three fourth.


Tall women:-


Wear horizontal lined kurtas and tops which will make you look short and never make it high collared. Dress with all over prints or big works or prints will also look good. While wearing skirts opt a medium length one, that is skirt length up to your calves will do. Long tops with bottoms with contrast colors will be attractive on you.


Tips for dressing


Dressing styles:-


Dress for office:-


All concepts of women are changing now. Earlier women use to wear starched cotton sarees to office for that executive style they always wanted. But now the trend has changed. Shirt and trousers have become today’s women’s dress. Also full sleeved or 3/4th sleeved salwar kurtha is considered to be an office wear. Go for light shades while selecting office wear. Plain dress or dresses with stripes will be a better choice rather than picking up dresses with big prints.


To look slim:-


To look slim it is better to use neutral colors. Neutral colors are those that come in between dark colors and bright colors. These colors are colors such as navy blue, dark burgundy, bottle green etc. these colors can be mixed with other colors too. Like while using salwars, kurtas can be in neutral colors and the dupata and bottom can be any other colors. Prefer not to use contrast colors like red and yellow combinations. Also prevent yourself from using big red prints on black kurtas. Colors that can hold other’s attention for long time should be used.


Teenage trends:-


Teenage is the time when all girls would like to dress in their best and invite for other’s attention. Also they would like to feel free. They generally use jeans. Using of short kurtas, fitted shirt, knitwear, etc are today’s trend. It is the best time to use the bright vibrant colors like orange, red and blue. Also use big floral prints. The above said tops can be used with Capri. Matching scarfs or staul can be used for a stunning look.



Traditional dress of kerala women