Dates Pickles Recipe

Dates – ½ kg
Gingelly Oil – ½ cup
Coconut oil – ½ cup
Ginger (cut in small pieces) – 1 small piece
Garlic (cut in pieces) – 15 big ones
Chilly powder – 5 teaspoon
Mustard powder - 1 tea spoon .
Vinegar – 1 ¼ cup
Sugar – 1 ¼ cup
Turmeric powder – ½ tea spoon
Salt – as required
Mix chilly powder in ¾ cup of vinegar. Heat the gingelly and coconut
oil, taken in equal proportion, and fry the dates without seeds in it, and
keep it aside. Heat the mustard powder, garlic, ginger in the same
oil. Also add the chilly powder mixed in vinegar and also turmeric
powder. once this becomes fried, add the rest of vinegar, sugar and
salt to it. take off from fire once the sugar is dissolved. Once it is
cooled add the fried dates to it.