A complete planned health diet for weight loss

Do you feel that you have gained some weight these days? Then go for a complete health diet for 1 week. Diets to be followed these days are here only for you. It is a health diet too, to improve your health with loss of weight.

Those people who want to lose a lot of weight can also choose this diet. But make sure that you are not following the instructions given.

It is sure that weight loss will be a great success if you follow this diet for 1 month. If you can spend a half hour for walking, every 5 days, in a week, along with this diet, then you can have a slim body.

You will have to decide the period of diet to be taken according to your body and its weight.



Start your day with a juice. For each day we can have each type of juice.


Mixed fruit salad + Protein Dosa or ½ cup oats cooked in jaggery and water.


Vegetable soup – 1 cup

Dal/ Peas – ½ cup

Brown rice- ½ cup


Grilled fish – 2 (medium sized)

Tomato – 2-3

Onion –1

Carrot –1

Coriander leaves – little


Vegetable soup – 1 cup

Fish (backed or boiled) – 1-2

Tomato –2

Spinach – 50gms, Broccoli- 1 handful (Cooked slightly with meat or fish)

For Vegetarians, instead of fish and meat they can use Soya/ Chana / red beans.